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Had two options in hand for a simple timepass:

R…Rajkumar and Jackpot. Judging on the basis of cast I thought Jackpot would be a better option especially because of Naseeruddin Shah. But I just didn’t know that these A-class actors do such shitty films too. I mean WHY? Was John Day not enough for this man? He had to degrade his level with this Kaizad Gustad film who seems to have actually ‘launched’ Katrina Kaif with BOOM starring Amitabh Bachchan and Gulshan Grover. This director likes playing BLUFF with the audience. With an A-class star cast he knows how to attract audience and then lets them literally curse him.

Jackpot by Kaizad Gustad is full of lameness for 1 hour and 40 minutes. At first the story is too common to make a film on. It’s the old concept of the girl ditching on her master for moolah in backed by the plans made by her guy. Only this plot has a so called CASINO called JACKPOT which is the central point of the story. Even if this story would have been the same, I don’t think the film would have been this badly made. As we know, “a director can make and destroy a film”. Same here is applicable. I simply don’t know what the director thought before finalising on this plot but if u take my word, it was just shitty! I did not understand that being a rich and elitist casino owner, how can BOSS not know swimming and this becomes his reason of death. However, SPECIAL CHABBEES made us see that Policemen can be hired so Mr. Gustad thought of extending the thought and he hired the whole police station for a confrontation scene. I just want to know how far anybody can go to make a film damn crappy.

Even the sex symbol Sunny Leone was not required in the film at all but was kept for audience attraction. But on a frank note, after her debut JISM 2, this is her second venture. Her acting has improved much. Kudos to her and her mentor (for this film) Naseer sahib making it happen in a few months. It might not be the best but the improvement was worth a compliment. And at least she was better than the lead actor Sachin Joshi, who got rave reviews for his debut AZAAN. With this Jackpot, he could not live up to the expectations of the audience. Well, Naseeruddin Shah always goes flawless. The choice of his project might be wrong but he does not let his set of fans down with a bad performance on screen. Camera work was not bad as expected while the editing is the only aspect that made this film watchable or else who can take a crap for 1 hr and 40 mins. The good use of present and past time periods alternatively made it look good.

Other than that the music wasn’t good at all except for the soundtrack KABHI JO BADAL by Arijit Singh, the new sensation of Bolly world. The most interesting thing about the whole film is that it’s about CONMEN and their trap. But since the director couldn’t portray that properly, he used the word CON ARTIST in his dialogues repeatedly in order to make the audience understand what they are watching. Why does one need to make such a film that does not convey a proper message about your film? Simply bad taste of films some people have in this city who still make the theatres HOUSEFUL for this lame film called JACKPOT. The director seriously wanted to give it a 007 feel with the stylised opening credits but it didn’t work. Even the titles in between the shots were an experiment but did not work out well since it added to a sense of distraction. If you have nothing to do for the day and want to watch Miss Leone stripping, then you must go for this so-called comedy and thriller JACKPOT which turned out to be a CRACKPOT.

Check out for Naseer sahab’s acting, the Arijit Singh track and the oomph factor added by the sex siren Sunny Leone.

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