Founder, Ceo

Sagiruddin Mondal

He believes a new day is very important. So he try to contribute to the night to make the morning more enlighten.

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we are here to help artist and researchers. The actual focus creating this free website is to support those creative persons around the globe who can’t afford to publish their splendid works respecting the costs and opportunities. We are also trying to make this a platform of quality articles which can glorify the visitors, readers and art lovers on every visit. Your valuable suggestions and participation will bless our superiority.

Group of Editors

Bidisha Paul

Incorrigible feminist, quintessential PAGAL AURAT, loves tea and minions.

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Diplekha Chakraborty

Impeccably optimistic,strongly hate the term misogyny,addicted to coffee..

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Srijani Ghosh

Pernially lazy. Occassionaly Creative. If food & music kills, will die soon of overdose

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