Dhoom 3 – A Review

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Dhoom 3 (22.12.13)

– An Entertainment-monger’s Dairy

The most awaited film, before the Year 2013 ends, had a huge line- up of expectations – both the fans and critics were licking up any news, songs, promos, posters, snippets & trailers; to have an idea for spreading any rumour s among their groups and clans– C’mon its DHOOM 3 and above all – “an Aamir Khan film” which garners an AWE from the date of announcement itself. Hence an Evening show in a posh single theatre was not a bad idea – but to see the full house with kids coming in groups and occupying full rows – one can only thank God for saving one’s ears from the screaming & whistles – but that’s Cinema for which so much green bucks are invested (the film has budget around 150 crores which is only 10 times more than that of Chander Pahar) and it has to be appreciated and applauded.

After the Gunday trailer

– a warm up for the ceete – crooners, the movie rolled with elegant Yash Raj banner with lilting Lataji in the background. Suddenly everyone silences to hungrily lap up the movie. Its Chicago – 1990: we find Jackie Shroff as Iqbal Khan, the owner of ‘The Great Indian Circus’ is being down in debt and has the last chance to perform in front of the Bankers to gain his credibility. His son Sahir with twinkling brown eyes – (played beautifully by Siddharth Nigam), sells his watch to gain 25 Dollars, dribbles among the goons and ultimately hands it to his Baba – to minimize the debt. Teary eyed Jackie refuses it and says it’s too much and the Bank will be now indebted to us if we give them – this. One feels assured, the film is made by old school – where sentiments and emotions are also catered with slick actions & body fitness dancing (last found in Rakesh Roshan’s Krish3). Jackie tries all his tricks even his best secret “Boy in the Box” in front of the Western Chicago Bank Managers but though others were impressed the Owner (Andrew Bicknell) refused point blank. Aghast Jackie kills himself in front of his son.
Vijay Krishna Acharya, who had a “Tashan” held on his neck like the albatross got a fresh chance to direct Dhoom3 under the Yash Raj Banner and he did aptly used this opportunity to make his mark felt. In 2004 & 2006 he had written the dialogues and the screenplay of the prior installments of the franchisee and is pretty adequate about the ‘Theme’ of the series. His scene of currency flying from the Bank and Aamir walking straight down the Building; aka Spider Man, will bring a happy smile to Sanjay Gadhvi the previous director. Then the chase for five minutes is deafening with the ceetees , where Aamir rides the Bike (after John rode the bike in first Installment bikes are synonym with the franchisee). It’s just the same experience while riding a roller coaster and sometimes you feel like grasp your chair handles to apply brakes. And The Bike – simply “WOW”! even James Bond would love to steal for a ride – it rotates 180 degrees on one tyre has ability to change it parts automatically like Batman’s car and can even squeeze itself narrow like Harry’s Knight Bus and hold your breath can ride on ropes like in Chadakh Mela. Aamir rode like he’s riding the motor cars in the Nicco Park, his crossing the train on air makes one remember his Ghulam days, and he even kicked others like in “Road Rash” (no wonder Dhoom 3 App is getting popular among the mobile game users).
Aamir has pushed himself far to grasp this role for a life time. His earnest preparations shows even when the camera pan on his back with Chicago high rises at the background. How young Sahir grows up with a mission of finishing the Bank causing his father’s untimely demise is the crux of the story. Aamir was trained under Gerald Zarcillia, who kept him on a strict diet so that he can aim for 60 kg total body weight (during Gajini he was 73 kg) Aamir checked regularly his BMI (Body Mass Index) Playing a Circus Entertainer made the perfectionist learn martial arts and gymnastic techniques. To keep his body light for the rope acrobats, he aimed to have a 10 percent of body weight as fat. At 40’s his will to achieve will definitely inspire his fans to hit the gym to be in shape. Aamir single handedly pulled the movie on his shoulder and viewers are not complaining. He’s just magic to watch. His pixie ears, ever moving eyes, pursed lips add to the character and his height difference with his costars never appears to be a hindrance. Modestly he announced that he’s a non dancer compared to Hrithik, Shahid or Govinda but his Tap Dancing (trained by acclaimed Australian choreographer Dein Perry) along the title credits proves his earnest thrive to learn the tricky dance style.

The Chicago Police are bewildered with the robberies and as the thief leaves a clown’s mask and writing in Hindi “bank walo teri aisi ki taisi” they hired from India two policemen ACP Jai Dixit & Ali Akbar. Sidekick Ali Akbar played by Uday Chopra gives the necessary laughs in the all action packed movie. Best lines like “Deemag jaise Kishmish” and “Kaam karo Kaamsutra nahin” suits him effortlessly. His dream scenes with Victoria (Tabrett Bethell) with kids were hilarious. Uday just fits perfectly into his only memorable role in his short span of acting – viewers just love his skirt chasing tactics.

In the First Dhoom, Abhishek Bachchan was at par with John in billing but from the sequels he is slowly getting sidelined by the antagonists, previously by Chameleon Hrithik now by Clown Aamir. His Introduction in an Auto rickshaw which makes perfect holes in brick walls was applauded equally by the audience. South India action is getting common nowadays in Hindi films – but as long its entertaining no one is complaining. (Heard the film is released in Tamil & Telegu also) Abhishek has a decent part of an intelligent Police and he declares as the Branches of the same Bank are looted regularly, either the Chicago Bank is easy to rob or the Thief has some old grudge with the Bank. He lures the Thief to rob again planning to catch him red handed. Sahir befriends Jai disclosing the story of Clown who worked in the Great Indian Circus is the real robber. In guise of helping he records the security pattern and soon does the robbery. Another chase begins but Jai & Ali gives a tough time to Sahir and cornered him on an open bridge – but he still escapes by diving in the water using his “surprise, surprise” floating Bike! Abhishek does a commendable job and leaves an impact in the faceoff scenes with Aamir.

Soon we find Aaliya, an eager aspirant coming for audition of the member of the Circus troupe Circus was truly the “Asian Goddess who sings and dance with Liquid Electricity”. Katrina Kaif, in specs & Hat looked cute but slowly with “Kamli” she danced, stripping her clothes transforming into a sexy diva – Sunidhi Chauhan’s crooning & Vaibhavi Merchant’s Choreography just added to physical steps Katrina rigorously trained for and yes no one dared to look away from the screen for 5 minutes and more. Strip tease never looked so elegant and Katrina body fitness paid off. Unfortunately the film offered few scopes for dramatic expressions for her but the effort for her dances will be ever remembered.

The famous “Malang” (meaning magician or sorcerer) song just mesmerized the audience. With production cost of 50 million and acrobats from USA the stage was lit up with grandeur. Amir had airbrush artist Adam Tenenbaum paint body art on his torso which looked like tattoos. Cirque du Soleil performers trained Aamir & Katrina and both performed at elevation of more than 50 feet without any nets or harness. Pritam’s music & Shankar Mahadevan & Shilpa Rao’s singing completed the extravagant show. A total paisa wasool treat. As the audience could get over the song, the suspense of the story was revealed along the intermission.

Surprisingly the film starts losing its pace drastically in the second half- whether it’s dragging of the suspense or unwanted romantic track between Aamir & Katrina. Surely the beautiful sung by Mohit Chauhan and shot at beautiful locations “Tu hi Junoon” comes as a speed breaker. (Anaita Shroff’s costume for Katrina demands a special mention.)
The cat and mouse game becomes a bit predictable and the chases repetitive and boring. The film is saved from massive failure only because of the special visual effects, thanks to Joel Hynek. He again makes the Bikes join together and rise in air for a giant leap.
Pritam is good in his tunes and have the “Dhoom Machale” track sung by Aditi Singh Sharma and its Arabic version by Lebanese singer Naya, but they are not brilliant as per the older versions. Sudeep Chatterjee’s cinematography is brilliant. Chicago became a character in the movie and at night with lights switched on- it’s a dream land. Aditya Chopra has collaborated for the first time with IMAX to prevent the piracy to the minimum. Along with the promotions they have introduced Dolls of Katrina & Aamir’s Bikes in the market.
The major loophole of the movie is though there are many times sequences of chases are shot showing Aamir fleeing after robbing the Bank; not a single time it shows how he actually robs the Banks! The linear story telling sometimes gets amateurish and faulty. But thankfully, Vijay shot the finale scene with élan and the audience will overlook the mediocre script, only following the acting capability of Aamir Khan. He just delivers more than needed in the scene. Whether it will be the first 300 crore film or is better than its preceders or which Hollywood film it has copied – all the arguments one forgets and only hears the echo of the poem :-
Bande Hain Hum Uske
Hum Pe Kiska Zor
Ummedon Ke Suraj
Nikle Charon Aur
Irade Hain Fauladi
Himati Har Kadam
Apne Haathon Kismat Likhne
Aaj Chale Hain Hum

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