Words are all they have to take the hearts away…..

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The garb of linguistics, how lucky are those who find refuge underneath it. It is only sheer brilliance that is bestowed upon few who have words which take our hearts away. It wonders me that how frugal yet how frugally pellucid they are and how our mere mortal brains simply give in to the magic which these wizards of words create. I, in the short span of my mundane life have known a few such great men who can absolutely mesmerize us mortals with  the magic of language. I often come across people who brood about the fact that they were misled by the loopholes of the language, it only makes me laugh even the more at them thinking how ignorant they were to the magnanimous brilliance of the person who (read they say) had conned them into something or the other. Since I was a child, I have admired the trait of able to make a conversation interesting with the magic of linguistics, its a completely unrelated issue that I am not good at that.

However, that certainly does not mean that I do not admire such qualities. On the contrary being a self confessed sapiosexual, I am in awe of anyone who can with his or her sheer grasp of a good diction can enslave my soul. Hereby,

Quoting Edith Sitwell,

Calling a spade a spade never made the spade interesting yet. Take my advice, leave the spades alone.

Sometimes while sipping on to my afternoon tea (Yes I am an addict! And I do not spoil a good tea with milk or/and sugar), I simply try and contemplate that why is that inspite of being drowned neck deep in literature (I speak for entire Bengali race) it is that only few people can boast of such a gift. Is it because being easy with the words is too  mainstream and it is a quasi-crime to be mainstream? Or is it because they suffer from some complicated identity crisis which forces them to launch themselves on the small fries and prove their genius? Or is it the sheer love for literature and to speak robust and elite?

Then I met with a new breed of people who believe that the concept of absoluteness is never interesting. Thus they believe in the concept of grey, they like to shake things up to a considerable amount and bring out their own background score, fireworks or drum rolls. Thus the eternal drama of the language keeps on spicing the lives of people like me who live to read and listen and applaud.

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