Video Chat Software on Aakash Tablet

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Every Indian learner desires a chance to receive the highest quality education. Scarcity of trained teachers hinders this aspiration. Difficulty in accessing the best educational contents, in an affordable manner,further accentuates the problem. Aakash project at IIT Bombay is dedicated to the development of useful applications and contents for use with Aakash. It attempts to empower teachers by using a unique blend of technology, e-contents, and an innovative pedagogy.

About Aakash 2

Aakash 2 tablet comes engineered with a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, while the original Aaaksh tablet was powered by a 366 MHz processor. The Aakash 2 tablet has a a 7-inch capacitive display with four multi-touch points. The screen has a resolution of 800×480 pixels. The previous version of Aakash had a 7-inch resistive touch screen.The commercial version of the Aakash 2 unit is branded as UbiSlate 7Ci.s

About the Project

This Project named Video Chat Software enables the users of the Aakash tablet and the android users to communicate with other users on the same network( wi-fi may be different but access point needs to be the same) in a peer to peer manner. This application allows the following functionality: Video Call ,Audio Call ,Audio Conference Call, Multi User Text Chat System with inbuilt file share between them and file transfer to individuals. The requirement of this app is that all the users needs to be registered with the server before using the app and all the users needs to be connected to  a common access point.The clients and server must be connected to same network.

Future Enhancements

    1 . Video Conferencing.
    2 . Improve Video Quality and reduce the size complexity of frames being sent.
    3 . Adding Security by encrypting messages, files, camera feeds and audio feeds and adding session.
    4 . Incorporating Database for storing messages of every Group Chat Session.
    5 . Enhance features of the server like handling concurrent requests,session maintenance etc.

Aim and Objective of the Project

The aim and objective of this project was to reach those people who cannot afford to buy a laptop or a mobile phone and still have the desire to learn. This software allows cheap communication mode.

The technology used behind the app is android and java socket programming. The entire project is made by the students out there. After the completion of this software, it will be released as a open system software.

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