Bombay Talkies Review

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Bombay Talkies, a concept of celebrating 100 years of Indie cinema through 4 movies by 4 top-rated directors is worth appreciating. Four different stories with four different protagonists and subjects added a wonderful element to this celebration. To talk about the movies i’ll start off with the following:

Karan Johar’s ‘Ajeeb Daasta Hai Yeh': Karan’s best directorial film till date. It left behind his blockbusters like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Student of the Year and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. The metaphor portrayed throughout the whole film based on just one song dealing with one subject was just mesmerizing  With a good screenplay, he proved that he can also make films and not ‘entertainers’. Budding actor Saqib did pretty well being his 2nd film while Randeep was as good as always but Rani had just failed to portray the character she was supposed to. Overall its a well-made film by the veteran.

Dibakar Banerjee’s ‘Star': Based on Satyajit Ray’s short story ‘Potolbabu filmstar’, this is the best segment in the whole Bombay Talkies concept. Starting from the plot,direction to camera work, everything was superb in short. Lead actor Nawazuddin did a splendid job to justify Dibakar’s choice on paying tribute to Ray whereas Sadashiv’s special appearance forced people to utter the words ‘fatafati performance’. Dialogues were catchy enough and the implementation is par-excellence. Lastly, the editing is something to look out for in this film that is created on the basis of fast cuts adding a different mood and dimension to the flick.

Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Sheila Ki Jawaani': A sweet film portrayed sweetly through the story of 2 siblings and their dreams. The expectation from Zoya was a bit higher after her works – Luck by Chance and ZNMD and she actually couldn’t reach that level but overall just a sweet and non-impactful story. Well, kudos to the li’l star who had wonderfully played her role and took away all the limelight, even from a star like Ranveer Shorey. But it could have been portrayed in a much better way.

Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Murabba': A weird story amalgamated with excellent direction having catchy dialogues sounds too interesting. Well, its the Anurag Kashyap again for u of “Gangs of Wasseypur 1 & 2″, “DevD” and “Black Friday” fame with a new twist and tale story that can be watched in a light-hearted manner. The main attention-seeking aspect of the films were: Vijay’s acting, dialogues, editing, music composed and the tracks which acted as ‘synchronous’ sounds with them describing the whole situation in a wonderful manner. One of the best soft-themed films ever seen in my life made by Kashyap. He proved that he’s like a liquid and can fit himself to any situation he wants.

However, the last part was not required. The film could have ended with the rolling credits itself. That title or celebrity-centered song made it a typical Bollywood again with the track not so well-sounding. But altogether, its a film for all ages. Ratings are as:

1st: Dibakar’s ****1/2 (Plot, Cinematography, Edit, Acting, Screenplay, Direction)
2nd: Kashyap’s ***1/2 (Sound, Edit, Dialogues,Direction)
3rd: Johar’s *** (Partly direction, Dialogues, Story)
4th: Zoya’s *** (Story)

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