The Effect of ‘Suicide in Indian Movies’

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The term Suicide comes from the Latin word called suicidium, from sui caedere that means “to kill oneself”. In other words it is the act of purposely causing one’s own death. This act is often committed out of despair, the cause of which can be attributed to a mental disorder like depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism, or drug abuse. At times, stress factors such as difficulties in monetary matters or in personal matters often play an important role.

This act is often shown in most of the Indian movies these days that go on affecting he minds of the audience. Not only they get new ideas to perform the act but also get encouraged at times. The filmmakers include such scenes to add a “cliché” to the movie but they go unaware that one scene is actually influencing millions of viewers to commit the same act in the same way.

One of the usual victims are the school going kids. No matter how less they score, they know how to escape beatings or tongue-lashes. It has become a trump card for them as they either attempt suicide to threaten their parents in case they fail in an exam or miss school while the parents move on leaving their baby unharmed. This is something where nothing could be done.

The next thing in the list is a popular one that affects our interpersonal relationships. All Indian movies have the habit of portraying one love story with several faces. The leading lady will be a pretty, pompous, rich, arrogant, popular girl and will absolutely detest the hero or his gang while the latter has to be an ugly, old, lousy, ill-mannered, bad behaving, lowlife guy with no morals. But his wining formula is quite simple amongst which one is near-to-death suicide attempt in order to give up his life. As the story will proceed, the heroine shall have undergone a change of heart and fall in love with the same guy, whom she didn’t like before and will give up all the worldly possessions and every single thing in her life. Sometimes, this includes her family too.

Therefore, what happens in real life is that all these guys do this is threatening the girl by faking the suicide attempt and go to such extent where they admit themselves in hospital and put the burden on the girl to promise her to love him in exchange of giving up future suicide attempts. And girls do fall for the guy in these cases and end up getting married at last giving up almost everything in her life. At last, some of these marriages last and some don’t. So what’s the use in doing all these? I still wonder why can’t the Indian guys handle the rejection and accept the fact that all girls may not like them and there maybe someone else who may like them. So, instead of torturing the ones who hates them, why don’t they just get out and find that girl. Nobody can force someone to like a third person and even if this happens, the relationship in most of the cases does not last long. It is ultimately known to the viewers that if all the western successful marriages have a story for proposal, every Indian successful marriage shall have one cute suicide story to cherish forever.

Apart from all these, the brides are subject to commit suicide in the following cases:

1. Any single scene role player shall badmouth about the girl and she has to commit suicide.

2. Her dad might have missed a gram of gold in the process of the dowry and the groom’s mother will call off the wedding and groom will follow whereas the bride immediately should go and hang herself.

3. If the bride doesn’t, at least her father will hang himself.

So the moral of the story is that any called off wedding will end with at least one suicide i.e. the bride, the bride’s dad or the bride’s brother. It could be anyone but someone has to commit suicide in order to add masala to a melodramatic film. But this aspect of a movie is wrongly taken by the audience in our society. It is seen that earlier the rates of the suicides were less but now it has increased with most of the acts being alike the ones enacted in a movie that includes a suicide scene. People in our society uses suicide as a weapon in order to express emotional breakdown, to torture the opposite party with respect to their emotional factors or to make them agree to whatever the subject is demanding for. In other words, a ‘masala’ in a movie becomes a painful thing in our society as a matter of consequence.

Another twist in the love stories these days happens this way when the guys in the Indian movies will love a gal and later marry her, the issue of which will be kept under wraps (in most of the cases). After a few days of happy married life, the so-called husband immediately dumps the girl and run after another rich gal. Consequently the society and the world will insult the girl while the parents will kick the girl out of their house for bringing shame to the family and the girl will commit suicide. A plot like this seems to be very usual in the cinema these days. People in our society take inspiration from these ideas as enacted in the movie. The ones who want pleasure and money normally go for this shortcut getting inspired from this idea. In turn they spoil the lives of the innocent girls irrespective of their self-respect in the society that makes their life a hell out of everything.

Lastly, another field where the act of suicide is visible is when a political leader gets arrested and his followers protest. Here, a movie sequence requires at least 5-6 people to commit suicide in order to make the protest more successful. This in turn, increases the depth of a film according to a director since it adds to the clichéd factors. But suicide out here must be done by burning oneself so that it looks ferocious. This follows by property damages. As known, we, the stupid people enact these stuffs in order to get our demands fulfilled with respect to political outcomes.

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