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Some of the biggest excuses that I have come across from people are.

“Oh! You own a dslr? I take images with a point and shoot. So they are bound to be terrible compared to yours”

“If I had a dslr. I would show you how to take a good picture”

“I hate my camera. It doesn’t take a proper picture”

Slap yourself. Seriously if you are one of these people who give these excuses.A picture depends on a lot of factors. If you are not a pro or dirt rich and you genuinely want to take good pictures. Look at that small tiny camera you have with you. It takes GOOD pictures. It may be hard for you to believe it does. Enough to last your learning phase.

So you have the talent, camera and still your pictures are no where?

Okay. Here are some tips for you.

1) Respect your camera. Yes! Do that. If you love your camera it loves you back. Each camera has a way of talking to its owner. For example I used to use a cello taped 5mp camera. The camera would click after 5-6 seconds after I pressed the button and would hang for 5 seconds to save it. So it put me back in the mode of one shot success mode. I had to anticipate every shot or wait for around 10 minutes stabilizing my camera to wait for that shot.

2) Make sunlight your biggest friend. I know I might be going against many rules. There is no better light than sunlight. Learn to put it to your advantage. It is your friend.

3) Innovative angles and crops. I am personally a big fan of square crop andreflection shot’s. Innovate your shot’s. Plan how to make it interesting.

4) Leave that PICASSA! It kills pictures. Murders it. Go for Photoshop…If it’s complicated go for light room…If that’s also complicated go for GIMP.

5) Look at good pictures and I do not mean the thousand photography pages that come up every other day. Study them. DO NOT GET INFLUENCED.

6) Learn dodge and burn. I think that is one of the easiest of processes and is one of the easiest one’s to bring out your pictures.

7) Do not ZOOM. Unless you are taking pictures of birds do not zoom. Try always to be on the wide end.

8) Do not batch edit all pictures in a day. Take time to edit them. 300 pictures in a single run would not do you any good.

9) All your pictures are not masterpieces. Get that. You are your own judge.Judge wisely.

10) Believe in your self. This is the best advice I can give. I have taken pictures in a mobile phone,PnS and a dslr.. Trust me all of them gave me joy’s and disappointments’.

Below are two pictures. One I had taken around 2010 with a 3mp camera and edited with Picasa. The other is the last picture I took with a 5mp camera which was cello taped to prevent the battery from coming out and took around 5-6 seconds to click. So practice ,learn and make good images .

photo by Anish Chakraborty
By Anish Chakraborty
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