photography- from a beginner’s POV

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Now here comes the most adorable and most viral hobby of Kolkata people. As from a beginner like I am, it is very tough to write down a whole article on this subject. people can disagree or blame me on any point written over here. suggestions are welcome. I like spread the article into some divisions and from those I would try to come to a conclusion kind of a thing. so best of luck to me.

First thing’s first, a camera does not make the picture or frame, it’s you who make it. So what is the different in yours eyes and the eyes of a normal people who see things you also see? Here comes the word POV. it’s Point Of View. what you see must be different from what the mango people see. Yours point of view must make the people amaze that, it can be seen in that way too. Now this is a technique solely depends on yourself. Practice seeing, it is the only suggestion from me.

secondly, patience. you should not expect that the first frame of your as a panning ( shot of a running object, will be discussed later) will be a clean cut. Or a frame of a busy street where you are trying to make focus on a lazy child who is trying to pamper a dog can be shot with ease. A shot after a shot, then another shot…then another…phew…this can go longer…

third…theories are boring. But it can improve what are you actually upto. learn from the theories and try to implement it anyhow. Shoot Shoot And Shoot is the mantra of success.

Lastly, for this article the most important one, a DSLR is not needed for becoming a photographer. your coolpix can take cool pics if your eyes can snatch cool thing out of dull frames.

so be prepared for everything everywhere. you need not to go to a photowalk to take pictures. a cam and u inside your own room can make a fantabulous frame. best of luck. :)

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