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article by Alto — graphics by Sagir

There has been a discovery of a new set of species in our planet or rather the society. Well, they are not new but just the fact is that they roam around in a disguised manner. The amazing part is that they can be found anywhere on earth no matter it’s an empty street or a populated park. These species are quite harmful and still no action can be taken to stop them or to shoo them away from the masses. You must be wondering WHO these species that are so much in number are but still you haven’t seen them. They are none other than the SICK MEN. At times they happen to be mentally or sexually sick.

These SICK MEN do have daily duties and responsibilities to fulfill but forget them easily whenever they see a lonely girl/lady walking down the lane. Their inner instincts come out as soon as they find a girl alone in office or home or on the streets. Surprisingly, some of them turn out to be married and even a father to a child. They protect their sisters, when in trouble, from other rowdies but as soon as they step out of home, they don’t miss an opportunity to whistle at or molest a hot girl passing by. There have been cases where girls are molested by their relatives say cousins. One must be guessing how it is possible. In fact, it is and in many possible ways since some cases or surveys is the evidence of such things.

Often cases happen when somebody falls for their siblings mostly cousins and when they don’t get a nod from the other end; they look for an opportunity to harass that girl. Here is when REVENGE takes over BROTHERHOOD. Many cases are filed against brother-in-laws where even the in-laws don’t render a helping or supporting hand to the ‘survivors’ in order to prevent injustice. Instead, they run here and there in order to prove her wrong.

They go on increasing in number day by day who seems to have libido difficulties. Neither there are treatments for them nor can they be identified at once. Many laws might have passed to provide them with deserving punishment but that does not help the society in reducing the number of these people. They are not bred separately but exist amongst us from whom we have to be safe from. It is said that ‘Precautions are necessary’ in these cases but that is not an ultimate solution at the end of the day. Nobody thinks about the root but instead think about the fruits.

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